PowerShell's New-WebServiceProxy CmdLet with Client Certificates

September 17, 2017

I was doing some work in PowerShell a couple of months ago and found myself needing to use Web Services (SOAP Calls) of an enterprise system set in place. I had planned on using PowerShell’s New-WebServiceProxy CmdLet but found myself running into issues due to the server requiring client certificates for authentication. I had resolved to write the XML programmatically and use the Invoke-WebRequest CmdLet but as the script grew this became problematic for scaling. ... Read more

Converting a site from Drupal to Hugo

July 1, 2017

I intend for this article to be a somewhat thorough overview. It won’t be short but I’ll also cut fluff. Keep the following things in mind: If you’re looking for a simple script to solve your issue, this isn’t the article that will give it to you. This is intended for some very basic content pulled from Drupal. It doesn’t cover every possible aspect. It’s written by a primarily Windows user. ... Read more

Setup is unable to proceed due to the following error(s): This product requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5

September 13, 2015

I again bring to you another error that may occur during the deployment of SharePoint 2013. I was configuring a farm recently with SharePoint 2013 SP1 on a farm of Server 2012 R2 servers that had been updated to the latest available patches via the onsite Windows Update server. The servers did not have internet access and thus required the prerequisites to be downloaded beforehand. After gathering the prerequisites and having a (mostly) successful prerequisite install run, I was ready to install the SharePoint bits. ... Read more

Quit copying and pasting your scripts!

June 13, 2015

And other PowerShell no-nos in my book Though the majority of my time is spent writing scripts for various automation purposes, I am also frequently asked to review scripts. I harp on many things when returning my assessments but one of the biggest factors I tend to dwell on is reuse. As I review, one thing I notice is the method people choose to write their code. I begin to notice patterns of the people I have reviewed previously. ... Read more

Hung up on Hungarian naming

May 16, 2015

And other PowerShell no-nos in my book Yuck! That’s what I have to say about hungarian variable naming otherwise known as hungarian notation. I will briefly explain what it is without going to far “down the rabbit hole” (consult the linked WikiPedia article). Hungarian notation is when a developer creates a new variable in any scope, they reference the type the variable will be inside the variable name. For example, say we are going to declare a string variable that will hold someone’s first name. ... Read more

Don't Use PowerShell One-Liners (In Some Cases)

February 14, 2015

And other PowerShell no-nos in my book “They” say that our biggest critic is ourselves and this applies to all crafts that we partake in; to include scripting, programming, and administering technology. I am typically highly critical of my own work and I scrutinize till I believe it is perfect (more so when I know others will read it). I also carry over that intense scrutiny when I critique other’s work. ... Read more

Resize an Image in Windows with PowerShell!

January 8, 2015

Clarification: This works with any deployment of Windows that has PowerShell (3.0 and above). A couple of days ago I had an image that was too big for the context I wanted to use it in. I needed to shrink it down to about 50% of its size. Typically I have access to Windows Picture Manager but unfortunately it was removed from the Office 2013 suite. The options I received online were either use Paint, download a Windows App from the Windows Store, or download a third-party tool on the Internet. ... Read more

Finding the Hyper-V VM Configuration File.

August 4, 2014

Today I found that in my haste to set up my Hyper-V virtual machines, I didn’t properly account for the XML files it creates to use as configuration files for the VMs. I had haphazardly chosen random places accidentally, not realizing the full extent of what I was doing. Chalk it up to inexperience. I went searching for ways to find my haphazardly placed VM config files. I wasn’t getting to far so I figured I’d open up PowerShell and see what I could do with the Get-VM CmdLet provided in the Hyper-V module. ... Read more

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