Don't Use PowerShell One-Liners (In Some Cases)

February 14, 2015

And other PowerShell no-nos in my book “They” say that our biggest critic is ourselves and this applies to all crafts that we partake in; to include scripting, programming, and administering technology. I am typically highly critical of my own work and I scrutinize till I believe it is perfect (more so when I know others will read it). I also carry over that intense scrutiny when I critique other’s work. ... Read more

Analogy Time: Client-Side vs. Server-Side

August 8, 2013

The Injustice Most technical books do an injustice to beginning developers by not elaborating on certain aspects of making scalable, server-side applications. One of the biggest injustices is the graph of client-side verses server-side processing. While desktop applications may interact with a server somewhere, this is more common when it comes to web applications over HTTP. We’ve all seen a diagram that looks about like the following: If I received a dollar for every time I have seen one of these diagrams being presented in an article or book about programming, I’d be a rich man. ... Read more

Explaining The Header

July 31, 2013

Code Just in case the header changes and for historical reasons, the code in question is this: var adjectives = ["shiny", "outstanding", "marvelous", "extraordinary"]; var some = function (str) { for (var i = 0; i The programming language used in my header picture or the above code block is JavaScript. JavaScript is by far my favorite and most proficient language. I have been using it since around 2002. JavaScript has a pretty long (and interesting) history in terms of its perception in the development community. ... Read more

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