The Name

July 31, 2013 by Christopher Walker


I’ve been asked before why I named my site I always thought it was well understood but hopefully this will clear it up.


Choosing a name for my site wasn’t too hard. It was done in 2010 when I began to redevelop an interest in programming and web development. It seemed that every time I wanted to get started on a project, I would always lose focus and start pursuing something else. Shiny objects are reminiscent of ADHD so it seemed appropriate. This is not to say that I have ADHD, however, I do get distracted very easily (5 times since I started this post).


The majority of the topics I plan to post about will be based around code and development. Some programming languages create code structure based around things called objects. This is called object-oriented programming or OOP for short. The antonym of OOP is procedural programmming. At the time when I decided to create a website, I was focusing on OOP, thus some shiny object seemed even more appropriate.

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