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August 11, 2013 by Christopher Walker


I have a text tattoo on my right rib cage that says “No Regrets”. While I have held true to this for the most part, there is one aspect of my life that I do regret.

I was going to write about something else for the final post of this week, but I will put that off to discuss something that I am quite passionate about. This will be relatively short for two reasons.

  1. It’s almost midnight
  2. I’m not going to beat a dead horse.

What Happened

Today, as I was at a red light on my way to an ATM and Subway, I saw behind me a young lady smoking a cigarette in her car. In the passenger seat was a male who may have also been a smoker, but from the looks on his face and the way she was holding the cigarette out the window, I have my doubts. It looks like they were together (romantically).

Most of you know I am a former smoker. As a former smoker, I used to justify the fact that I smoked but telling myself and others that it was my choice to make. I would say that I can do what I want, I am of age to purchase and smoke cigarettes, so I will. “I’m not harming anyone else.” Wrong.

As I looked at the car behind me today, I remembered all the times I ever smoked in close proximity to a non-smoker. I now think about how rude I was being rather than the “personal” decision I was making. It got me thinking about selfishness and addiction. It begin to beg a question in my mind. If we are willing to potentially cause danger to someone we care about and love because WE want something out of it, do we really care about that person we are willing to hurt?

Me Over Them

Like I said, I won’t beat a dead horse. If you are a smoker, you have seen the pictures of cancerous lung tissue, you have heard the gist on emphysema, lung cancer, heart disease, yellow teeth, brittle bones, and a poor circulatory system, you have had friends, family, media sources, and even the damn packs themselves tell you that smoking is bad. You are going to do what you are going to do.

But when you put yourself before others, even others that you so truly care about and love, for your addiction, what does that say? When you put physical poison (because that’s what cigarettes have in them) before them, what does that say? I won’t judge, but I think it’s something to think about. The statistics and facts to make smoker’s stop and think about the habit are out there. The personal accounts of family members losing loved ones from lung cancer are out there.

This isn’t to tell people to stop smoking. It’s just asking the people who do smoke to not drag everyone else down. If I ever smoked in close proximity to you and you are/were a non-smoker, I apologize. I realize now it was selfish and rude.

That is all I am going to say in the matter. I will get back to techy nerd stuff next week but I really felt like I needed to address this.

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