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For some reason people decide that once they meet someone named Christopher, they can simply start calling them “Chris”. That is not the case; or at least in my case that’s not the case. The name Chris, as I learned often in my school days, easily attracts unwanted nicknames such as “Chrissy”, or “Christina”, or, my personal favorite, “Chrissy-Poo-Poo”. Rather than reliving that, I would just rather correct people when first introducing myself. My name is Christopher and I create the hostility you feel at the moment and the content you read here on [SomeShinyObject.com][home].

:-D # insert smiley face to break tension

I like the field of information technology. I like all aspects of it (besides networking yuck). At the moment, I am a SharePoint Administrator and I am loving the work that I do. I started off as a young IT enthusiast who joined the United States Marine Corps straight out of high school. During my time in the service I experienced a wide array of communication technology not just limited to computers. I learned early that one of the most important things in life is how to communicate with others.

I was discharged from the military (honorably) and became an IT contractor in Japan working in a school system. The job was extremely challenging in the beginning and eventually led me to discover a system administrator’s most important tool for their toolbox; automation. The ability to automate monotonous or repetitive tasks frees up an administrator to tackle the bigger issues. I love automation. Sliding into the SharePoint Adminisration position has allowed me to expand on both my automation skills and my understanding of collaborative communication.

At the moment PowerShell is my weapon of choice. I work in a majority Windows environment so when I am not using it to configure SharePoint farms I am assisting others with code review, script write-outs, and ad-hoc tutorials on various aspects of the language. And despite PowerShell being my go to scripting language right now, I am also versed in Linux shell scripting.

You can expect several things from your visit to this site:

  • My honest opinion about information technology and (sometimes) other life matters
  • Good content that might help you with a project you are working on
  • Good code, if the content being read calls for code
  • Solid automation advise. Like I said, I love it, so I prefer to do it correctly.

You should expect several things from me also:

  • Respect and a sincere adherence to the golden rule
  • Proper grammar and spelling (seriously, if I mess something up, comment about it.)
  • A response if one is warranted (may take a few days though)

I want to help you. I say this with complete sincerity. If you have a question about an article I write, please comment. If you have an issue with the content, comment. If you find a discrepancy, comment. If you find that something has changed and I need to update the piece, comment.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please enjoy my site and if you would like to throw a suggestion out for article ideas then comment.

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