Big Arguments

August 3, 2013

I don’t like fights But we’re not going to discuss fights today. We are going to discuss arguments, and more specifically, JavaScript function arguments. Now we all know that functions CAN take arguments (and we also know that they don’t necessarily need to). The cool thing about JavaScript functions is that while they are functions, they are also objects. This is a very significant misunderstanding of the language. In fact, besides functions, everything else that has a type in JavaScript is an object. ... Read more

Explaining The Header

July 31, 2013

Code Just in case the header changes and for historical reasons, the code in question is this: var adjectives = ["shiny", "outstanding", "marvelous", "extraordinary"]; var some = function (str) { for (var i = 0; i The programming language used in my header picture or the above code block is JavaScript. JavaScript is by far my favorite and most proficient language. I have been using it since around 2002. JavaScript has a pretty long (and interesting) history in terms of its perception in the development community. ... Read more

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