Finding the Hyper-V VM Configuration File.

August 4, 2014

Today I found that in my haste to set up my Hyper-V virtual machines, I didn’t properly account for the XML files it creates to use as configuration files for the VMs. I had haphazardly chosen random places accidentally, not realizing the full extent of what I was doing. Chalk it up to inexperience. I went searching for ways to find my haphazardly placed VM config files. I wasn’t getting to far so I figured I’d open up PowerShell and see what I could do with the Get-VM CmdLet provided in the Hyper-V module. ... Read more

Faithful In The Little Things

August 28, 2013

Apologies Apologies about not writing content for your blog are cliché. Mostly because no one reads this except for maybe some stalker I have in New Zealand (arbitrary selection). So screw the apologies, I ain’t doin’ ‘em. Next! I will however provide an excuse, a valid one I think, for not posting as consistently as I said I was. There is quite a shift going on in both my personal and professional life right now. ... Read more

Supposedly Personal

August 11, 2013

Preface I have a text tattoo on my right rib cage that says “No Regrets”. While I have held true to this for the most part, there is one aspect of my life that I do regret. I was going to write about something else for the final post of this week, but I will put that off to discuss something that I am quite passionate about. This will be relatively short for two reasons. ... Read more

Analogy Time: Client-Side vs. Server-Side

August 8, 2013

The Injustice Most technical books do an injustice to beginning developers by not elaborating on certain aspects of making scalable, server-side applications. One of the biggest injustices is the graph of client-side verses server-side processing. While desktop applications may interact with a server somewhere, this is more common when it comes to web applications over HTTP. We’ve all seen a diagram that looks about like the following: If I received a dollar for every time I have seen one of these diagrams being presented in an article or book about programming, I’d be a rich man. ... Read more

Fahrenheit 451? Status: Cancelled

August 6, 2013

Preface Fahrenheit 451 is a book authored back in 1953 about modern lifestyle and the constant craving for entertainment. The gist is that books were considered dangerous and that new forms of immediate entertainment (large TVs) were better suited to keep control of the population by making them ignorant. The word “firemen” takes on a different meaning in that instead of fighting fires, calls come in to fire stations for houses reported to have books in them. ... Read more

Big Arguments

August 3, 2013

I don’t like fights But we’re not going to discuss fights today. We are going to discuss arguments, and more specifically, JavaScript function arguments. Now we all know that functions CAN take arguments (and we also know that they don’t necessarily need to). The cool thing about JavaScript functions is that while they are functions, they are also objects. This is a very significant misunderstanding of the language. In fact, besides functions, everything else that has a type in JavaScript is an object. ... Read more

Explaining The Header

July 31, 2013

Code Just in case the header changes and for historical reasons, the code in question is this: var adjectives = ["shiny", "outstanding", "marvelous", "extraordinary"]; var some = function (str) { for (var i = 0; i The programming language used in my header picture or the above code block is JavaScript. JavaScript is by far my favorite and most proficient language. I have been using it since around 2002. JavaScript has a pretty long (and interesting) history in terms of its perception in the development community. ... Read more

The Name

July 31, 2013

Preface I’ve been asked before why I named my site I always thought it was well understood but hopefully this will clear it up. Personally Choosing a name for my site wasn’t too hard. It was done in 2010 when I began to redevelop an interest in programming and web development. It seemed that every time I wanted to get started on a project, I would always lose focus and start pursuing something else. ... Read more

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